Core draining: neutronics, fluid dynamics, and heat transfer, July 2018 at The Gorge by Manuale Aufiero.

ThorCon CHD System Model, July 2018 at The Gorge by Staffan Qvist

At Joint Japan/US/China MSR Conference, June 2018 by Bob Hargraves

Solving both at TEAC 8, August 2017 by Bob Hargraves

Powering Up Our World status report at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, October 2016 by Dane Wilson.

ThorCon Overview and Economics

 Recent updates to the design and comparison to coal economics, June 2015 by Lars Jorgensen.

An extremely short summary presentation aimed at attention span challenged decision makers.

Presentation at Tridec in Kennewick, WA, Jan 2015 by Chris Uhlik

ThorCon’s role as a first step toward a thorium cycle at3rd International Workshop on accelerator-driven sub-critical systems and thorium utilization, Oct 2014 by Chris Uhlik and Jack Devanney.

Focus on design philosophy without technical details at Thorium Energy Alliance Conference, May 2014 by Ralph Moir.