World electric power use averages 3000 gigawatts (GW).

The height of each colored block represents the average electric power consumption per capita. The width is proportional to the regional population, so the area represents regional average electric power generated and used.

We need over 600 GW of new power plants for 2030 electricity demands.

New and growing demands for electric power require more power plants.  A large power plant can deliver one GW. The examples below are based on full-time average power demand to meet just these specific new needs, which add up to over 600 GW. Population growth and economic development will add even more demand.

Connecting a billion poor to power: +100 GW

Connecting one billion powerless people with just 100 watts of power — a tenth of US and EU average electricity use.

Desalination: +62 GW

Desalination of 87 million cubic meters of water per year is growing at 8% annually, demanding 3 kWh per cubic meter.

Electric vehicles: +42 GW

Electric vehicle charging

By 2030, 122 million more electric vehicles travel 12,000 miles per year at 4 miles/kWh.

Air conditioning: +100 GW

By 2030 air conditioning demand will be 50% higher than in 2017.

Information technology: +300 GW

Data centers, the internet, and consumer electronics will demand 300 GW more by 2030.

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