Probably, the most succinct description of ThorCon philosophy and design. It can be downloaded as a PDF.

White paper focusing on the Isle packaging of ThorCon. Assumes some technical background.

Summary of ThorCon’s resistance to a release of radioactive material.

Engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contractors have led recent nuclear plant projects into disasters. How will ThorCon International deliver a nuclear power plant unlike any that has been built before?

A lengthy 2015 document including backup details for much of the information on this web site.

A cheap, simple way to turn America’s surplus Pu-239 into 40 GW-years of pollution-free, CO2-free electricity. 

This document compares the way the Koreans build ships with the way the U.S.Navy builds ships, reaching some surprising conclusions with respect to quality.

This note argues that the nuclear waste problem has an easy, cheap solution: dry cask storage until the high level waste has cooled to the point where this valuable material can be separated economically.

This little note argues for the government providing a prototype test location, but with the tenants paying full cost for their use of the facility. This is consistent with the ThorCon philosophy of rigorous fullscale tests then license.

This paper argues for an S-shaped dose response model as a qualitatively correct replacement for the Linear No Threshold hypothesis. 

Comparison to impossible, popular Wind/Water/Sunshine roadmaps of Stanford Professor Mark Z. Jacobson 

An older paper which predates ThorCon but offers valuable background on molten salt. ThorCon does not implement some of the ideas suggested in this paper in the interest of very rapid deployment.

International Atomic Energy Agency posting in IAEA Advanced Reactor Information System data base.

ThorCon Power’s Open Source Heat Exchanger design program. See disclaimer.